PORTALS are digital gateway NFTs to create new and exciting virtual and real world experiences. Inside the Portals are virtual spaces that can be 360° images, videos, or live streaming of real world locations, events, games or metaverses.

PORTAL is a non-fungible digital asset maintained in an Ethereum ERC-721A smart contract. There are 99,999 PORTALS and PORTALs are identified by 5 digital code (for example, PORTAL ID 12345).


Total Supply
Teleport PORTALs


How much will it cost to mint?

It will cost 0.4 ETH + gas fee for the public sale. It will cost 0.2 ETH + gas fee for Teleport Founders Club members.

When will my NFT and PORTAL be available?

Your PORTAL NFT and 5 digit id will be available immediately upon mint. Your token number is your PORTAL ID. (for example, token #123 is PORTAL ID 00123). You can use your PORTAL starting July 1, 2022.

How can I mint these portals?

Portals can be minted on our website. Once they sell out, you will be able to purchase them on the secondary market at and on the Teleport Marketplace.

What are the benefits of owning one?

Besides getting full commercial use rights of the portal design, holders are entitled to add content inside their portals.

Teleport PORTAL

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OpenSea marketplace